Saturday, March 10, 2012

Letter 6

This past week has been good and busy. We started this week out with some splits with some other Elders. Elders B and W in a nearby city. We went on a split with them earlier this transfer and it was very quick, it ended up being a sleep over. Later on I quietly promised that we'll be able to go on another split. It was getting close and so we some how worked it in to our schedule and got a split in. It was a great split. I was with Elder B and we had a great time. We are simliar in many ways and became instant friends. I hope that I'll be able to serve close by him sometime soon. He's a boss. We made some plans for after the mission and had a great time. Then we went on another split with some other Elders in that same district. That ended up being just a sleepover because one of them wasn't feeling to good and so we stayed over and then in the morning he was still sick and so we helped them out. Good Elders. One of them goes home on Wednesday...and last night when we were talking to him he was freaking out a bit because it's coming to a close. Time goes by so quick over here. It's crazy telling people that I only have about 5 more months left.

We have a new investigator, S. He's a boss. He's 17 years old and plays American-football. His dream is to go to America and play football for some college. He needs to speak some English and that is why we are meeting with him. He want to know English so he can make it over to America. He's got a ways to go because his English ain't that good. Other than the fact that we are teaching him English we are also teaching him the Gospel. After our lesson with him we asked him if he is interested to know if it's true or not. He said that he does have a desire to know if it's true or not. Oh when he said those words was it music to my ears. That is probably the first time that I've actually heard someone say they want to know if it's true or not. Then after the lesson he stayed for Youth Night and had a ball! He instantly made about 6 new friends in the church. Afterwards he was super excited and happy that he came. It was a blast. Then what gets better is that he came to CHURCH!!! This is my first time that someone has come to church for their first time with me being one of the missionaries. It was great! He loved it and had a good time and a lot of members came and talked to him and embraced him and made church great for him. He said that he will come again. Oh it was so great to hear that. I'm so excited that I get to stay another transfer here and work with him. Hopefully he'll progress in the Gospel and he'll get baptized soon. That would be a blessing! Life is great and I can't complain. 

Editor's Note: Elder Young will be attending BYU in the fall - hence the short letter he was so excited he forgot to tell us more. 

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