Monday, March 12, 2012

Letter 7

So this week has been pretty's been a crazy week. There has been so much that has been going on. It's all over the place. We tried to say goodbye to the departing Elders on Monday but didn't succeed because they were in meetings for the rest of the day getting prepared on going home. Crazy that my trainer Elder D. is now home.....where did the time go??? After that mishap we went out to eat with the district to some good restaruant and got some great food. 

We had a great district meeting before the district split in half. Elder L. talked about having confidence and what that means. He asked a good question pertaining to faith and confidence and the difference or the relationship that those two words have with each other. We talked about dating back home and they asked how we felt before dates and some..most Elders said that they felt confident before dates, however I was always super nervous before dates. Hopefully after the mission I won't be too scared but I remember getting super nervous and scared for the dates. I don't like having anxious moments. What I got from that lesson is that to become less nervous and having more confidence is having more trust in yourself and doing some preperation before hand. Also I have to do my part to become confident. 

Transfer day was pretty great. Seeing the new Elders and Sisters was a treat. They were all standing around not knowing what was going on or what to do. I talked to some of them and got to know them. They all seemed really cool and ready to work. Before the meeting we all stood around and talked with some other Elders and then some greenies came over and asked some questions about the mission. It was crazy taking a mental step back and realizing that I was one of the more older missionaries there at the meeting. Crazy what happens when you work hard and do work, time goes by. Then eventually we found out who our new companions are going to be. Elder F. from Henderson, Las Vegas, NV. He's a great kid. He's almost been out for a year. So I'm serving with a younger companion. Then we got in a taxi and came home and then made the taxi driver wait and then we went to the church for a church activity. The taxi driver was way cool and we ended up getting his number and hopefully something cool will happen with him. The church acitivity was a blast. Super great and the missionaries again didn't have to do anything for it. This branch is technically a ward but since there isn't a stake they are still just branches. Then we finally came back home and talked and talked getting to know one another. 

The next morning we woke up early and went to Zone Leaders Council. That was a great meeting. We learned some great new things and how to work more with the members and having them work with us. It's going to be a great summer as we work really hard. I'm excited for all the snow to melt and it's going to be great. Then after ZLC we went to the church and had a great lesson with S. We taught him how to give some directions in English and then afterwards we had a great small little spiritual time. Afterwards he prayed and then he paused for a second and then we asked him how he felt inside and he said that he felt great. We then explained to him that what he was feeling was the Holy Ghost. We told him some more about it and then asked him if wanted to feel that feeling for the rest of his life. He said yes and then we asked him to be baptized and he said yes. It was AMAZING!!!! Then afterwards we had Youth Night and had a blast and then some youth brought some of their friends along. It is great to see that they are doing their own missionary work. 

Saturday we cleaned the church for the branch and then had a quick little district meeting and had a great time. Elder R. is the district leader and he is doing a great job. We came up with some goals and what we want to do with the district and everything us. This is going to be a great transfer with a lot of success and a lot of hard work. I'm excited to work my tail off this transfer and see some results. Before bed Elder F said that 'when much is given, much is required' it was awesome. It's going to be a great great transfer and I'm excited to work very hard and see some miracles. Later this night we went to a members place and had a great lesson and during the lesson the husband, who isn't a member, started asking some questions about baptism and the after life and more other great questions. It was great to see the wife and the daughter-in-law answer his questions and we just sit there. They must have gotten a little bit awkwareded out because they were like "well it's time for the missionaries to go home" so we left and got home. 

Church was good. I got to play the organ again and that all worked out pretty well. It feels good to play the organ and help out the branch. We went to the other Sunday School class because there were no investiagtors and the lesson was pretty good. I sat next to this really older Sister and her and I talked and laughed. Priesthood was the same old, kind of boring and so I talked with the new Elder to my side and he and I talked and became friends. After church we had our meeting with the branch mission leader and then waited to hear from the branch council what is going on and what we can do to help out the branch. We have an idea of doing Missionary night but that got shot down because there is already a lot of things going on in the church and maybe it got shot down because of miscommunication. The youth are excited about doing misisonary work and they want to know how to teach and find better and so we want to do that with them but the branch council said no. We'll try and find another way to get that all figure out. 

This week I go to Bulgaria. It should be a great time. I'm excited for it. After this trip it will be General Conference and then time will be really going away. When I think about the time going by so quick I always think that I need to work harder. That is one regret that I think about when I think about being home and pondering about the mission. I always think that I could see myself saying that I wished I would have worked harder. So instead of wanting to think that I going to work harder and smarter so that when it's all said and done, I won't feel regretful about the mission. Elder F and I are going to be working really hard and seeing the results from working really hard. 

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