Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Letter 8

This past week was a great one. Instead of telling you everything that has happened in detail I'll just tell you some things that I have learned. 

We were in Mariupol the earlier part of this week and that was a lot of fun. We got some stuff for the Elders and Sisters down there and then made our way to the bus station. We got suckered into paying some guy some money for a personal car ride down there...but in the end it was all worth it because we didn't have sit in an uncomfortable bus and yeah...it was better. So we get down there and meet up with the other Elders and go to their place and have some fun...as in try and do some missionary work. All the people that they usually meet with couldn't meet until the weekend, when we would be back up in our own area. So we did some work that we could and then made some great dinner. We had cinnamon rolls that were to die for. 

The next day we had a district meeting and talked about some things that we learned from Zone Leaders Council...we have some new clarifications about some rules. Such as companions need to match, meaning that they need to wear long sleeves together and so forth. Some Elders didn't like that new news because they feel like it's restricting them and they are back in the MTC. That is what we had to deal with and explain some other things. Then they talked about the branch in that area, it's struggling and they are trying to make it better. We came up with some ideas and then made plans to meet with President Campero and discuss the situation. Then we went and got some food and got a haircut. We walked around trying to find some place that would cut hair and still open. It took a while but we found a place. We walked in and got it all set up. We looked through some magazines and I found a style that I liked...so I kept it and when it was going to be my turn I was going to ask for that style. I went in and asked for the same style and low and behold...it happened. So if you want something and you find it and then you ask for it....you'll probably get it....that is something that I learned. Also it provided for some good laughs. 

We had a special meeting with President Campero when we talked about the branch in Mariupol. That was good and they were thankful that we came to them and helped them know more about the branches. It was good to meet with them and have the opportunity to have a close relationship with President Campero and talk with him. From this I learned that if there is a problem you gotta quickly get the problem solved before it gets way too out of hand. 

We had a crazy "hell-ish" lesson this week as well. It was all over the place....not the best lesson in the world. The thought behind all of it was great but what all happened was not great. We had a lesson at a members house with an investigator. The lady showed up with her two kids and there was also another member there. The table was set and we were gonna eat some food and then have a lesson. It was a bit frightening at first seeing the table and knowing what was gonna happen. The investigator, O, showed up a bit late due to the fact that the elevator stopped when she was in it and she totally freaked out. She calmed down and we had some food. The two kids that she brought got a bit bored quickly and that provided a challenge to control them and help them not go crazy in this member's apartment. That didn't work out to our benefit and things got out of hand. They went to the bathroom and did some number 2's and they couldn't find the toilet paper, so they opened up the door with their pants on the floor and asked where it was. We told them that it was in there and then they, yes they, went and got the t.p. It was just a mess. It ended up with some spankings being handed out by their mother and us trying to get out as fast as we could. It wasn't good. It was a bit of a nightmare and "hell-ish". Next time we are going to have the lesson at O place so it can't get too crazy. Hopefully that lesson will be good. The lesson that I learned from this is that discpline for children is essential or else they will run ravage and control will never be found. 

District meeting was good. We listened to a talk from President Henery B. Eyring about the Spirit in hard times. It was a good talk and one that helped me out. I don't have my notes with me but I remember it being good and having felt the Spirit. That is something that I have felt a lot this past week. Feeling the Spirit and acting upon those promptings that follow the feelings. I'm working more on following those promptings at the first time they come. I could be like Nehpi and put it off the first time when he was commanded to slay Laban or I could follow it the first time and not question it. I have learned from talks from General conference that putting off the promptings of the Spirit ain't that good and it's just a lot better to follow it the first time. If I follow the first time, I'll be more capable of receiving more guidance from the Holy Ghost and with that guidance I'll be able to receive great blessings from Heavenly Father. That is what I'm working on and one great lesson that I have learned this week. 

This coming week is going to be great. We have a lot of things going on such as another Zone Leaders Council, lessons, and getting big muscles. Today we bought some protein and we are gonna work out and get some big muscles. I'll come home a stronger man.....yeah a man. Life is great. I know that I say it every week but it's true. I have been playing the piano here and there and I have been improvising a little bit with the hymns and it makes playing a lot better. I'm thankful for the push to play musical instruments from you my parents. Thank you very much. It has been a great blessing in my life. 

I hope that life is going for ya'll. I love you and miss you but I'm working so I don't have to think to much about ya'll. Don't get offended. I'm working hard to stay focused. 

Я люблю всех вас! Yes good luck on translating that....it means I love you all! 

Elder Frank Young

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