Monday, April 9, 2012

A lot happened that probably all can't be fit into one small email. Monday was hectic, Tuesday was spiritually draining, Wednesday was heartbreaking, Thursday was everywhere, Friday was something else, Saturday was a blast, and Sunday was indescribeable. 

Monday evening the Elders from Marioupol came up and stayed at our place. We had a quick split that night to do some missionary work. I didn't want to sit around the apartment and talk all the time whilst we could have been doing better things. So on Sunday we planned some dinner lessons with some families and then went to them. I went with Elder Kluestrop and we went to a family and made some tacos with them. It was a blast and they loved them. It was a great time and we had some laughs. It's a humbling happy feeling to see a family come together for dinner and eat and talk. It's cool to make and see that happen. 

Tuesday we had zone conference and that was just like any normal zone conference. Get told the same thing and get some great knowledge from the senior couples and then eat some alright food and then come back home. It was crazy. I got to see Elder Pulsipher and that is probably one of the last times that I'll see him before he boards a plane in a week and comes home. He and I started serving together a year ago and a few days. I can't believe that it's already been a year since then. The time has been flying by so quickly. Also something that flew by quick was my hand because I had to conduct the music. That was fun and it made everyone smile and have a better attitude. Conducting music is a lot of fun if you make it fun. 

Wednesday...probably THE most missionary day ever. We had clean checks this morning and we also had a lesson at some time in the early afternoon. We did some last minute spot cleaning and then waited and then waited some more and then finally the people  showed up and checked the apartment and then we went to our lesson. We were supposed to show up about two hours earlier but we had to wait for clean checks. It was some members birthday and she wanted us to come over and have a party with her and her older friends. When we showed up it was the end of the party and we got some leftover food and then shared a small spiritual thought. After that little lesson we went to another lesson and this is where the day gets crazier. They have a big dog, a big German sheperad puppy who gets excited. I sat down on the couch and the dog came up and it's chest was at my knee I petted the dog for a second and then the next thing that I know my foot is all wasn't funny...well a little bit....but it was uncomfortable. I told my companion and tried to play it off cool. That lesson went well and then we made our way to another lesson. We were waiting at a meeting point because we were gonna have some members come with us on a lesson. We called them asking where they were and they said that they were at a different store. So we waited for them to come and I called the lesson and told them that we were gonna be a little bit late, then the lesson cancelled on us. Supposedly they forgot that we were coming over. Once I hung up the phone the members showed up to come on the lesson. They got out of the car and then we had to tell them that the lesson just got cancelled. The family is awesome and the lesson was going to be great. It was going to be with the Primary President and her husband and 7 year old daughter. Couldn't have been better for the 8 year old that we were going to meet with. Once we told them that it wasn't going to work out, I felt like the scum of the earth because it was going to be great and we lost a little bit of  trust in the members. It was heartbreaking to say the least. 

Thursday we had some lessons with a member present and that was interesting. Any who we will work on that and figure things out so the next time we have a member on the lesson it will be a teaching lesson not a talking lesson. 

Friday was a bit devestating because not one of our lessons went through. That happens sometimes and when it does we can't get sad because that is the way the cookie crumbles. For Youth Night this night we had a great spiritual thought where we had to write down a commitment for the week and then we put it in a hat and then drew someone else's. It was a great idea and it worked. I have to give compliments to everyone that I talk to, it's a good one and will help me. 

Saturday morning we had some service at the church to clean the grounds. That was a great feeling to work hard as I did back on the grounds crew at UVU. It started raining but that didn't stop us from doing the work. It felt really good to work and work with the members. After we were done we watched some General Conference at an Elders apartment. They handed us the English disks and told us to watch them. So we went and got cleaned up and watched some great General Conference. It was amazing. A theme that I picked up on is that we as church members need to pick up our game and truly be ACTIVE members of the church. We can't say that we are members and sit back and relax, we gotta WORK. I love GC and taking notes and being envolped in the Spirit. 

Easter Sunday was crazy. We had about 10 investigators show up between 5 missionaries. We are doing work. It was way cool to see the members go and talk to the people and make our life a bit easier. After church about two of the people that showed up had baptismal dates. It's on fire over here and it's amazing to be here. I sure hope that I don't leave this area. We get phone calls this week. Some members have said that they would like for us to stay till the end of our missions here because they love us and we love them. It's great. After church the Branch put on a small Easter celebration where people did some talents. We as the missionaries sang a hymn and that was a blast. Pretty much this branch is probably THE best branch in the world. I love being here and I really really don't want to leave. Life is good in this branch. After the program we watched some more GC and then went home and made some food. Later that night I watched some of the Priesthood session and boy oh boy was that good. Totally felt the Spirit and I just want to do better in my life so that I can return back to God and use the Priesthood properly. Yet again the theme was rising up and doing the right thing in the right place. Using the Priesthood worithly and doing selfless service. 

Life is good and I love you all. I hope that you had a great Easter Sunday, sounds like it was a good one. I'm working hard and enjoying life. I love you. 

Elder Frank Young

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