Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 7th Letter

What actually happened that day (May 5) was probably the most hectic day of the mission so far. We woke up that morning and then made our way to the other Elders to have a crepe breakfast before we started doing service at the Branch building. There at the Branch building we were doing a lot of work because not a lot of members showed up. I pulled some weeds and then helped a member cut down a bush. That was pretty fun because it was physical labor. Then all of a sudden our landlady called and said that we needed to be at the apartment. She was an hour earlier. During breakfast we called her and told her to come a bit later. But that must not have been understood so we dropped what we were doing at the church and made our way back home. There we talked with our landlady and then told her that we don't have any money on our cards. So...we went to the nearest grocery store and pulled off 2000 grieven each and then paid our landlady. Then we looked at our watches and realized that in about 45 minutes we had to be back at the church. We quickly ran to the bus stop and hopped on the bus that would take us back to the church. We ran into some traffic and the bus driver thought that he was smart and tried to take a back road....like everyone else. He opened up the doors because it was pretty much at a standstill. We got out of the bus and briskly walked to the church. There we waited probably about 46.87 seconds and our investigator and member girlfriend showed up. We went into the church and had a great lesson about the Book of Mormon. We ended the lesson with our testimonies and then he said that he understood that he needs to read the Book of Mormon more often and pray. It was great! Then he gave the closing prayer and then did what he needed to do that day. We waited for the picnic to start and helped with that getting together. There was supposed to be a baptism but that didn't happen so we had the picnic. We had some sausages and some cucumbers...Ukrainian picnic. It was good and we talked with the members. Then we ducked into the church to dodge the rain and cleaned up some more. Then the rain stopped and we had youth night. That lasted for a couple of hours and then we had to run back into the city to meet the AP's to get some invitations for district conference. They were a bit confused about why we weren't in our proselytes, we told them everything that has been happening that day. Pretty much we had NO TIME to change into missionary uniform clothes. Such a crazy day. 

We went to Mariupol this week. That was good....traveling on a bus wasn't as much fun as I remember it being. We sat on the sun-side of the bus and enjoyed the bumpy ride down to Mariupol. There we did some exchanges with the Elders down there and had some good times. They are right on the south end of the misson right next to the Azov Sea. We went and looked at it, it's still there. Nothing really crazy happened down there. Oh yeah, I ate some more crazy food. Some member got some rolls and then cut them in half and then spread some crazy paste on it. It was an olive green color with some white stuff too. I'm not exactly sure what it was. It didn't taste that bad too...but I wouldn't have it again...unless some member put it in front of me and told me to eat. 

Oh yeah something else that happened this week which was absolutely crazy! On Friday we got back from Mariupol. We went to the church to have a district meeting and then afterwards we made our way to a less actives. Earlier in the week she called and said that she needed our help moving a piano. I didn't quite understand if it was from the fifth or ninth floor that the piano was going to be moved from......upon arriving we talked with the lady and then rode up the elevator to the ninth floor. So...it was the ninth floor. We walked into the apartment and saw what we had to move. Yes it was a piano and yes it was heavy. It took us a while to figure out how to move it out of the apartment. Then it really took some time figuring out to get it down all of the flights of stairs. That took a while and wow are pianos heavy. We didn't lose any wheels on the way down and the piano still works...I'm not sure if it's still in tune because it might have lost a bit of the notes....Moving the piano into the back of the truck was a bit tricky and then we just left it in the back of the truck. The whole ride over I was a bit scared if the piano was going to tip over because we didn't strap it down. Then we got to the other apartment and met some other Elders and then moved the piano up to the fifth floor. I'm very grateful that they came because by the time we got up to the fourth floor my arms were done lifting. Moving a piano in Ukraine is a task and a work out.....would I do it again? Probably. I would recall this day and then laugh at how fun it was and then go move the piano. Also after moving the piano we had English group. We grabbed a taxi and rode all the way back to the church. It was a crazy day...just like every day. I'm not sure what a normal day is anymore. 

Life is crazy which means that it's good. Thanks for all that you do for me. I'm still here and doing the work. We have people to work with and we are having fun. I hope that this week is great for all of you! 

Love Elder Frank Young

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