Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 11 Letter

Well the Euro cup is in full swing. This morning when running around, literally, searching for an internet club in our area we ran into some Brits looking for Wifi. We were talking about what to do because we couldn't find an internet club and then out of the corner of my ear I hear some English. Then they walk by and ask us for some help. There in front of us were three British men probably in their 50's trying to find some Wifi. We helped them out and then went on our way. Now that we are in the center of the city we have seen some more "foreigners". I saw some Frenchies not to long ago. England is playing France tonight. We tried asking some people if they need some translation but we haven't recieved any yes's for the service...hopefully sooner than later it'll happen. 

This past week was great. I got feeling better and we did some work. We have been meeting with some members and they have been members for quite some time. They have all pretty much been members since Erik was born. They were baptized in the early 90's. It's crazy to think that. This is another solid branch so I can't complain too much...I really miss my last branch. There the members were awesome and it just literally felt like a home ward. I miss that branch. Luckily on Sunday some one from that branch came and I got to talk with him for a while and he said that some of the members miss me. That was my favorite branch...hopefully before it's too late I'll be able to go back and have a final goodbye with some of the members. 

We had some lessons but some cancelled on us. That gave us the chance to fill that time with something else...such as tracting. This place has some good buildings to tract and so far tracting has been really great. Yes there is a section with about for doors per floor and the building is 9 stories high, but with those numbers there is about always two people that will talk with us and one that will take a Book of Mormon. This one time we were contacting and this lady opened up the door and listened to us for a while and then said that what we had to say about Jesus was cool and all but it'd be better to talk about that stuff at a cafe. She was wanting a date from us. That was pretty funny. Then a couple doors later another lady opened up and there were abot 37 cats in that apartment and the smell was horrendus. I've probably never smelt something like that ever in my life and I don't want to ever again. Good thing she didn't let us in. The other day we knocked on one door and the guy opened up and was very nice and took a Book of Mormon. That was awesome. I really like it when people open their door and listen and it's even better when you can give out a Book. I'm reminded of the experice of Paw when he was doing the same thing and his comp piped up and ruined the moment for giving out a Book. Good times. Another time we knocked and a lady opened up and was super nice and let us share with her for five minutes our message and then give her a Book. It's awesome because there's always about one or two per building that will listen. It's great. 

Also this week had some great opportunities for service. We have been working with the police department, now you're probably thinking that we went to the prison and helped people out or something. No not at all. There are some office 'cops' who need some English help because they are woking with passports and what not. I'm not really sure how everything has worked out but there is a member that knows people that knows people and so we are getting this connection to work for us. Come to find out these office 'cops' are the ones that help us out with registration which is actually a really difficult process and most people don't want us here. So we are actually doing the mission a good help with this. Our first visit we talked about some things in English and the next time we really did some service. We moved some folders of papers into bags. Just about five shelves worth with about five-hundred per self. It's crazy because they should update to the modern times and have an electronic inventory. What ever. We are planning to go back this week and one lady asked us what she can do for us because we are working hard for them and all we asked from her is that she listen to our message. It'll be cool to see what happens. 

This morning we played some sports with the branch and that was a lot of fun. Hopefully I made some new friends because I was having a fun time and trying my hardest to make it fun for everyone. This branch is good but I still miss my last one. I'll work on making this branch enjoyable for me but we'll wait and see. The days seem to be going by very quickly which is weird. I can't believe June is almost halfway through, I feel like we just started this month...yet I won't complain about the time going by quickly because it's nice. I am working hard and having a great time working with Elder N. We are working hard and seeing some results. 

Have a great week and have fun and make sure that others are laughing. 

Love Elder Frank

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