Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25th Letter

This past week has gone by so quick that I really can't believe it. I look at my little planner and try and remember all that happens but it seems like a blur....maybe that's a good thing because that means that I'm working hard. Oh yeah family don't worry about me working because I am working. 

This past week Elder Noren and I, well he has been working on getting an area map done with members on it so we can actually work more effectively and know who is in what area. So after getting one all figured out and working with that we went back to the print shop and worked on getting another three maps printed.  Eventually it all got figured out and we were able to leave. I hope that I don't have to go back to that copy center any time soon because it took a lot of time. 

We have been doing some service for the local police/registration/government people and now that we have helped them clean off their shelves we thought that we were done...only to come to know that we had to place all of those files back onto new shelves some where else. We got to the new place and saw all of the bags of files and then were told what to do. We split up into twos and then went to town place thousands of files back into order. Literally we placed 4,000 files back into order. It was a little crazy because I'm not sure if the files were long enough so we had to cram the files tight onto the shelves. In the end all worked out and the files are on the shelves...hopefully all in order. 

Another day we helped a member's son try and figure out what to do for application to BYU. He wants to go there and so since the websites are all in English and we are fluent speakers we helped him out. He's only 17 right now, creepy that it's Erik's age and also that he has long hair just like Erik, anyways it'd be way cool to have a former mission buddy over at BYU. We'll see what happens and hopefully all works out and he'll be there at school. It'd be way fun because I'd be able to speak Russian with him and show him some fun times over in America. 

We did a split this week because one of the Elders in the district is in a special situation. His comp is a native but has Multiple Scyrolososisisis or Muscle Disoptflkjfixyssyy, in a nut shell it's a harder for him than normal people to do normal things. Walking is a bit slower and he doesn't move like normal people. So we helped out the comp and I went to the natvie. I've already been on a split with him before and I so I know what is going on and how to handle myself around him. In the morning his 'personal trainer' came over and did some physical therapy. I had to help out with that and it was funny because the guy would say some crazy things to him such as "crumb of bread" and other things like that. I guess it might be another way of swearing without really swearing. After that was done we went to a hospital because Elder  needed to go see someone that could do accupuncture. So we found the place but one lady wasn't so helpful and sent us to another person who was really helpful. We talked with him and he was a bit interested in who we were and we talked with him. He was probably one of the most nicestest people that I've talked to. There are nice people in the world. 

Well...not much more to report. We are teaching people and they are progressing. The family family is awesome! A mom, dad and two kids. They are absolutely the best, probably some of the best investigators that I've had on the mission. Teaching them is fun. They soak up what we have to teach and they ask some good questions. Another great thing about teaching this family is that we bring a member along and she is a fireball and is probably the most help from a member when meeting with investigators. It's phenomanal being with them. Their apartment has a calm peaceful feeling about ti that is way nice to be there. Hopefully soon they will get baptized. 

Thank you everyone for all that you have done and I love you all so much! 

Elder Frank 

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