Tuesday, June 12, 2012

May 28th Letter

We were down in Mariupol, which I have come to like that small little ocean front city. The bus ride however I could argue but the city...is pleasant. We did some splits with the Elders down there and had a good time. I couldn't tell what was the best part. Grabbing my mattress from the balcony or waiting about an hour for a shower because there were four Elders....I think that it was the kitchen about the size of my closet. We planned to talk about sacrifices at their district meeting but since they are the great missionaries that they are, they have already done a personal sacrifce. You should have seen the altar that they built, I even think that they followed the book of Levitucus because the blood was all wiped in the right direction. One morning we tried signboarding...but we went to a place where about no one walks by, they only drive by in their cars.....it was awesome. All of the other Elders decided to sing whilst I talked to people. I was able to give out two books of Mormon and one contact information. It was okay for the placement of where we were. 

Our bus ride back up was a bit crowded. I feel like the bus ride down in more comfortable than coming back up. I'm pretty sure that the buses were the same but my seat seemed really close to the one right in front of me. Also I think that the sun changed sides because I was warm. We rode all the way back into town and went and talked to President about the news that we found out from down there. We got them some newspapers with some apartment adds because supposedly they want another apartment down there. Remember earlier this transfer I wrote, hopefully, about how we brought some adds up but then the office threw them away and then they asked us to find an aparmtner down there when we were there. Yeah that was a bit annoying....so we talked with President about another apartment and then we talked to the housing people and it was a mess. Luckily I avoided the mess and talked with others and my comp tried to figure out the problem. Eventually we made it back home and then to a distict meeting. However on the way to the district meeting the heavens opened up and it poured rain. And I'm saying it POURED RAIN. We were standing underneath some market with a plastic covering....however when it started hailing....the plastic didn't stand a chance and it started breaking through and making a mess. We were standing for about 15 minutes till it lightened up a bit...but it didn't really. Then we made the run for the church. We ran and tried to stay dry in falling rain...it doesn't work by the way. We eventually arrived at the church and ducked inside for safety. The rain continued to come down and lighting was dancing every where. It was pretty crazy to see. We tried having a lesson afterwards but they cancelled because there was too much water in their stairway. It was a problem storm. 

The next day was transfer call day and we both got transfer calls. This isn't the best news because I didn't really want to leave this place. It's the best branch in the mission, and if ya'll were to come and pick me up, we would spend a couple of days here meeting people. It was sad on Sunday saying goodbye to people to whom I'll probably never ever see. This branch was amazing! They truly know how to love missionaries and help them with the work. Since I've been here things have been done and the branch has been closer. I am sad that I'm leaving. I'm hoping that on my last few days here in the mission I'll be able to run over here and say some final goodbyes. 

We had another split this week which was a great split for me. I went with a native from Kharkov. Elder B for short. I served in his branch up in XT3 and that was a great time because his family is a family of angels. It's the family that knows Chris Kirkham. So he and I were together. Also some background information about him. He has some difficulties in life that most people don't have. He is handicapable. Walking for him is difficult and he holds on to his comp, he has very bad hearing and seeing. Other than that he's an awesome missionary. I learned a lot from him. He taught me how to love and helped me through some things. I'm grateful that I was with him. 

I love you all very much and I hope that you have a great week! 

Love Elder Frank

P.S. Time is short and it almost kicked me off. 

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