Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 16th Letter

So I am still in my area but only for a little while longer. The other day whilst doing some weekly planning with my new companion Elder L I decided to make my planner a bit more effective and in so doing I cut out about half of the planner. Why? might you ask?? Because I don't need those extra days. It's crazy thinking that I'm in my last transfer with only so little left of time. Crazy how time goes by...I know that I have said this about every email, but it's true how crazy fast time is leaving and going to some unknown destination...probably called history. 

My few short days with Elder A were well lived. We talked and talked and had a great time. He's a great kid from Oklahoma and truckin' away at the work. It was great being in the center of a city for once. I've usually been on the outskirts of the cities and being in the action is a lot of fun. The people are busy rushing around going somewhere with a race against time. Trying to contact them was a bit more difficult because they were Russian. HAAhahahaa....laugh please. 

One morning after our morning contacting time we made our way to a McDonald's. I wasn't sure why and then it was made known unto me. It was my birthday morning and Elder A said that we were going to meet some speical guests. We however were at the wrong McDonald's. We grabbed the closest transport going the right way and made our way to the next one. Once I rounded the corner I found Elder N. I thought that I said goodbye to him but he was still around. He and his parents took us 'out' to breakfast. It was very nice and I was grateful for it. Later that night we had a belated family night. There at the place was a couple of families and some boys that Elders A and N baptized. It was a great time and a lot of fun. 

Transfer day is a day full of mixed emotions. For me it was the day that I was going to find out who my last companion was going to be and what I was in for. We all chatted and talked with one another and with those whom we haven't seen in a really long time. It was good to see some Elders that I have come close with. Then it all started. We all gathered together as cows for an auction. We found a place to sit and waited anxiously as for the upcoming news. We "patiently" waited during the testimonies of the new missionaries and then it was time to start the brouhaha. We all circled up as they do in the stake dances during the first few notes of a slow song. We looked around the room nervously anticipating who could be our next companion. One by one names were called and cheers were exlaimed. Cheer after cheer and hug after hug there became less and less missionaries standing up against the wall. Then Elder Frank Young will be serving with....every time you hear your name being called from one of the AP's in a large setting your heart drops to the balls of your feet. Elder Frank Young will be serving with....Elder L! What??!!? Again??? Yes, after the split second of confusion it then got erased by the joys of a hug, Elder L and I would be serving again. I was thrilled and Elder L was still trying to grasp what just happened. Soon all the cheers were quieted and whispers began to drown out the new information the AP's were trying to tell us. 

I couldn't be happier at the news of Elder L and I serving again. It's going to be a blast and good things are going to happen. I'm sorry to report that Masha and her husband Valik have been on vacation for little while and will be for another week or so. I only have three weeks left and there trip is two weeks. I was really saddened when I heard that they would be coming back home so late. I was planning on getting them baptized before I left this place. seems a bit out of my grasp and now my nex goal is to reactivate this less active. I really hope it works. I just want to finish the mission feeling accomplished and feeling good. Elder L and I are going to be working hard to make good things happen. They other day whilst at a members house I was taught a very heart touching leson. The member's wife had a really bad stroke about eight years ago. The outcome of her stroke is that she is now incapable of caring for herself in every way. Her husband, the member, takes care of her every little moment. The member is 71 years old and taking care of his wife isn't the easiest thing to do for him. We showed up and he said that he needed to work with is wife for a little bit longer and then we could start the lesson. She was propped up by a tower of pillows on her bed and her husband was spoon feeding some concauction to her. The tender look of love in his face overwhelmed me and taught me the lesson. I will always take care of my future wife and be with her to help her out. If this old man can take care of his invalid wife, then why can't I show some more love to my wife. He did everything for her all out of love and it really softened my heart. 

Well time is running out. Thanks for all that you do. I love you all so very much and thank you for your support. 

Elder Frank

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