Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23rd Letter

We had zone conference on Friday. It was a day full of mixed emotions.I bore my last testimony and am still alive. The moments leading up to the testimony would prove fatal to a cardiologist because my heart was beating radically fast. Maybe some day I'll have control over my heart and it won't get all dilapidated on me when I'm older. 

This week provided some good lessons. We met with that one brother who's wife had the stroke. He likes to discuss the Gospel and so we planned on talking about the Book of Mormon and after hearing his testimony we would provide a fresh clean Book of Mormon with him and commit him to sharing the book with someone that was ready for the Gospel. What actually happened was that we discussed the importance of gaining a testimony of the BOM. From the post-lesson review we were a bit shocked. He didn't see the importance of praying to know that the BOM is true. We tried explaining it to him but he wouldn't quite accept. He asked us if we needed to pray to know if a small piece of gold weighed exactly five grams or not. It was a bit crazy and at the end of the lesson we weren't able to get him to pray but we were able to get him to think and ponder about the BOM. Hopefully the next time that we come over all will be well and he'll understand that he needs to pray about the BOM. The Spirit was pretty strong during the lesson especially when we said "As representatives of Jesus Christ...." those words are pretty powerful. Usually on a lesson, if it's even needed, it's only said once, but this time it was said twice. Once by Elder Lewis and by me. We were trying as hard as we could to help this Brother understand the need to pray about the BOM. 

We had a great lesson last night. We talked about the Book of Mormon and bore some great testimony about the BOM.  They had some great testimonies and it's just great hearing testimonies of the members over here. They are strong and stalwart. After the lesson they invited us to play some darts. We thought about it and agreed and it turned out to be a great time. We all took ten rounds and then who ever had the best score won. After about the third round the question was asked of "who is going to win?" We all said our answers and then continued playing. I said that the husband was going to win whilst he said that his wife was going to win and Elder Lewis said that he was going to win. Everyone had their guesses and we continued. After all the rounds the scores were tallied and this was the outcome. The husband took last, then Elder Lewis, then the wife and then me. I was shocked and so was everyone else. Beginners luck is what that win was. 

This week will be a good week. We have lessons planned every day and we will be busy. I'm working hard and having a great time. I'm laughing and enjoying doing the work. There is this one guy who came out of no where that we found on the streets. He wants a Bible and we are planning to meet with him and have a sit down lesson. We've talked a little bit but haven't had the chance to really explain who we are. From what he's said he's very prepared and my fingers are crossed that he'll get baptized soon so he can really change his life like he wants to. 

Thanks for the lovin' and such. I love you all very much and I'm working hard so that means the reunion will be that much better. 

Love Elder Frank

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