Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2nd Letter

I can't believe that it's July already....where is time going?? Elder N and I were talking the past couple days about the powers of man and God. We, man, have some powers over some things, but God has power over all things and weather is one thing that man won't ever have control over. I'm curious to know what is going on about how the fighting of the fires is taking place and then I would love to work with someone about restoring the land BUT I'd really rather study the Book of Mormon and share that knowledge with those who don't know about it. 

This morning I did a great study about patience and confidence. Elder N has been trying to work with others and get things coordinated and some things hasn't been working out. This has been stressing him out and making some things more complicated than it really should be. We talked about it last night because he thought that I was down and depressed. I was just tired and exhausted. I have been keeping my cool and being calm and not worrying about what is going on. I have allowing him to do what he needs to do and to sit back and hope that all works out for him. I will work on being nice to him and helping him out. It's like the story C told about his comp, just gotta love, and that is what brings me to my studies this morning. I was reading all over the place but it didn't really all click till comp study. I was reading in Luke and then I changed and read in the D&C. I read section 82. There was a verse there that didn't make much sense but then when I talked it out it made a lot of sense. The Lord told Joseph and some others to make friends with mammon. I had no clue what mammon meant and looked it up in Russian. Which means rich. But the phrase is make friends with the rich of unrighteousness. That doesn't make sense because God always tells us to make friends with the good and touch not that which is evil. However in my reading in Luke I read the story about the Good Samaritan. The G.S. took care of the half-dead man and treated him with care. Yes the two nations weren't friends but still the one helped out the other. Further in my readings from Luke it talked about how Jesus went and sat at meat with some Pharisee's, some people that weren't the best, but yet Christ went and made friends with everyone. So the counsel given to Joseph and the others makes sense through some weird connections of the scriptures. That just makes the Gospel true. So what I learned from this is to be kind to eveyone and help them out, even if you don't want to. Do what Christ would have done and be kind and make friends with everyone. In the words of Dad: Make it fun for everyone. Plus life with friends is a lot better than with out friends.

Life is good and all is going well. I'm working on having more patience and understanding what it really means. So this leads to a question: What is your understanding of the relationship between patience and confidence???? If you could get back to me with what you know that would be wonderful. I did some reading also this morning about it and this is what I came up with. Patience leads to confidence which then leads to faith then to hope and then to charity. I thought about humility but I'm not sure how it loops into the circle. I thought that it was interesting. 

Thanks for everything that you have done for me. Tell everyone that I say hello. I'm working hard and having fun. Thanks for your prayers. 

Love Elder Frank

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